Xero Bookkeeping Services

for service-based businesses.

Reduce Stress, Save Time, Know Your Numbers

Keeping your numbers accurate and up-to-date so you can make better decisions and empower your business growth.

We don't really fit in a box.

At Thinking Cloud, we’re a lot more than a traditional bookkeeping practice. We’re also qualified accountants who are trained and experienced in tech.

Which makes us a modern, complete high-tech accounting department using the latest technology to help you grow and manage your business.

We specialise in Xero bookkeeping for service-based businesses and understand your unique needs. We have developed systems and processes to simplify your accounting and bookkeeping, which gives you peace of mind, saves you time and help your business scale.

Utilising the power of the cloud and technology, we can help businesses anywhere in Australia.

1:1 Support from a personal, expert team.

Fast responsive service from a dedicated client manager and bookkeeper who get to know your business from the inside and out

Say goodbye to deadline anxiety.

No more headaches about due dates. Peace of mind knowing everything is in order. We have you covered. Sleep well at night knowing we are on top of your compliance obligations without the surprises

Get a jumpstart on your numbers.

Accurate , up to date financials. Forget about waiting weeks or months for your financial reports.

Easy workflows. Don't get bogged down in paperwork again.

Implement best practice systems and processes using the latest technology.

Free up time for what matters most

Use the extra time to work 'on' your business or spend more time with family and friends. Relax.

I feel as if Alex has walked the path I’m on. He knows the pain and the possibilities and is getting to know my business and me. It’s humanised accounting. I wasn’t sure that was even possible.

RAY Stewart- impact balloons

Xero Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

At Thinking Cloud, we provide flexible bookkeeping and payroll services to help you save time, reduce stress and keep you up to date.

Weekly Done-Fore You Bookkeeping

Fast responsive service from a dedicated client manager & bookkeeper

Bank accounts reconciled weekly so you are always up to date.

Dext is included.


We will work with your tax accountant to make sure everything runs smoothly at the end of the financial year and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Lodgements & Compliance

We can take of BAS / IAS /STP / TPAR & Superannuation (yawn, sorry I nearly nodded off there)

We are registered BAS agents.

We make sure you are on top of your compliance obligations. Have peace of mind knowing everything is accurate and up to date.

Accounts Receivable

Know exactly how much you are owed. Send regular statements, follow up on slow payers. Set credit limits and payments terms to improve cashflow.


Have employees? We can get you setup quickly and easily. We can provide training, STP & PAYG lodgements, auto superannuation, workers insurance returns and year end reconciliations.

Accounts Payable

Always know what needs to be paid and when it is due. Don't let nasty surprise bills highjack your cashflow. We can enter bills and reconcile statements to make sure you only pay what is due. 

Catchup Service

Behind with the bookkeeping?

We can get you back on track, develop a plan and get you stress free and up to date - quickly.


Keep track of your business performance and important KPI's. We can help you stay on top of your business with reports to help mange profit, cashflow and key metrics.

What our Clients Say

Alex's calm demeanor, friendly nature and can do attitude is what drew us to Thinking Cloud. He also came highly recommended. The positivity in helping us navigate all the intricacies of running a business and what is required in terms of accountability. The patience Alex displays in helping us is above and beyond.

Sue McLeay

IGA Penneshaw

Alex and his team want to learn your business and are always on hand for advice. The level of personal service and attention to detail has been incredible. I feel we are in safe hands. Go for it! Thinking Cloud and Alex are awesome. 

Jamie Fraser


Alex always takes time to ensure that any questions I have are thoroughly answered, and always provides a higher level of service than expected. I now have a greater appreciation for the importance of managing the books! I highly recommend Thinking Cloud - they are very friendly, respectful and professional.

David Kyngdon


We also don't charge by the hour.

We like to talk to you first, learn about you and your business and create an agreed value package of services to suit your specific, unique needs.

This means you have an Agreed Pricing Plan.

No Contracts .

No Surprises.

No Exit Fees. 

No Stress.

It was great to be able to discuss my business and its needs, with someone who understands the challenge of running a small business, someone who was able to give good advice that ultimately has helped me to run my business better.

sandra mackay-dsm services

How Our Bookkeeping Services Work



  • Explore your business, where you are now and where you want to be
  • Work out if any clean-up or catchup work is needed
  • Understand your current technology stack
  • Customise a service suited to your business


Get Started

  • Agree on a start date 
  • Work out a weekly schedule to suit you
  • Introduce you to your bookkeeping team
  • Get the tech setup and working
  • Get started on any cleanup or catch up work



  • Start reconciling, keeping you up to date
  • Keep you informed on what is due when
  • Deliver on our promise to you
  • Follow up regularly


Review & Recommend

  • Make suggestions about improvements to processes and systems
  • Keep you updated on the latest tech and trends
  • Develop a culture of continuous improvement

Thinking Cloud actually care about our business success and I can feel that working with Alex and the team. Alex was always available to help or give me advice surrounding best practices and plans for the future. I'm extremely appreciative of Thinking Cloud's involvement in our business. Thinking Cloud delivers peace of mind.

menashe segman- william klein

Why Thinking Cloud?

  • Bookkeeping Experts supporting small and medium businesses since 2006
  • Xero Silver Partner & Xero Certified Advisors
  • Degree qualified accountants
  • Registered BAS agents

How a Small Business Bookkeeper can help?

Feeling stuckoverwhelmed and don’t know what to do first.

We can help you create a plan, map out the steps to get you moving forward starting today. Unparalleled help and support.

Spending hours manually entering data and not sure you are doing it right.

Free up time with our Done-For You Bookkeeping Service so you can work on the important things like sales and service delivery.

Having trouble collecting money from customers.

Use technology to create sales invoices sooner, make it easy to get paid and automate follow up.

Get up to date reports and follow up slow payers sooner. Know who owes you money and who needs to be followed up.

Feel like your accountant speaks a different language.

Understand your reports  without the jargon.

Struggling with the complexities of payroll.

Use technology and experienced bookkeepers to keep on top of timesheets, rosters, awards, changes, STP and end of year

Fast and easy processing of wages, employees paid in minutes.

Want to know where your business is at now? Not how it was 3, 6 or 12 months ago.

Make a plan, measure your results and take action.

Getting behind and can’t see anyway of catching up.

Let’s get you up to date quickly and painlessly.

We can get you back on track with our quick start catch up bookkeeping service.

Fed up with “surprise” bills for GST and Tax.

The worry about money and cash flow is keeping you at night. Never be late lodging BAS PAYG super etc etc. Know what is coming well before it is due. Put a plan in place to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Unsure about what you really owe suppliers.

Easy capture of invoices and bills, accurate data entry and digital storage of documents.

Always be up to date on who you owe and when it needs to be paid.

Feeling stressed about deadlines BAS & Tax returns and the end-of -year.

Implement best practice systems and processes to keep you up to date and informed.

Feeling anxious about tech and the complexity of software.

Clear, easy to understand financial reporting. Techno-babble and accounting jargon not permitted. Explained in way you can understand.

Lacking confidence in understanding the financial aspects of your business.

Understand the key metrics and indicators for your specific business and learn how they can make a difference.

Best money you can spend on your business is to have all this stuff -  book work, wages, super ... blah blah blah organised and done so you can deal with your business and make money and not be stressed with - big sigh -  paperwork. Now I never have to worry about being behind with BAS and all that other stuff the tax office need! Dont wait ... do it now. 

helen ikeguchi- concept japan


Do you use any accounting software other than xero?

We only use Xero accounting software and our bookkeeping services require that you use Xero. If you are currently using a different accounting package, no problems, we can migrate you to Xero. Learn more about Xero conversion services here.

We work with many different Xero add-ons. If you have a specific app you currently use or would like to use in your business and you would like to know if we can support it, please get in touch through our contact page here.

Can you help us with income tax returns?

Currently we do not offer income tax returns, but we can get you ready for tax time. We work closely with highly respected accounting firms. If you need your tax return done, we can recommend a tax account and make an introduction. 

Why do I need to book a call?

We like to take the time to learn about your business, make sure we are a good fit for each other and provide a tailored service based on your specific needs. You can book a no obligation by clicking on the button below.

Do you charge by the hour?

No, we don't. We discuss which services you need and agree on a fixed monthly fee. 

What do you mean by Agreed/Fixed price?

During out discovery call we discuss the services you need and agree on a fixed monthly fee. This takes into account the volume of transactions, the specific services your require like compliance, payroll, accounts receivable/payable, reporting etc. all in a fixed predictable fee each month. No surprises.

Is there contract or minimum term? Exit Fees?

Absolutely not. We offer agreed monthly fees without lock-in contracts or exit fees. You can cancel your service at any time.

My business is in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney Brisbane, Beyond the Black Stump… can you help?

Hell yeah! We can work with you wherever you are located. We have clients all over OZ and overseas.

How much are our bookkeeping services?

Depending on the services we provide, fees start at less than $90 per week for a small business. Larger businesses with higher transaction volumes and complex processes and requirements can be in excess of $500 - $800 per week. 

How often do you work on our file?

Typically we reconcile your accounts each week. Larger volume business are reconciled more frequently, sometimes daily.