Financial Freedom for you and your Amazon business

You are running a successful, multi-faceted eCommerce business. You're dealing with things that other business owner's just don't get. 

Escape the Survival Trap

So, you started your online journey  to micro-manage purchasing, inventory, marketing, logistics, human resources, customer service, IT support….? I didn’t think so.

The "Survival Trap" is the never ending cycle of reacting to whatever comes up in your business. It is the reactionary cycle of responding to what is urgent rather than what is important.

But, you just want to get back to the dream that started it all. Something tells me that you’re full of an entrepreneurial spirit, a positive mindset, and some damn good ideas.

But maybe you…

  • Are anxious or stressed about your your current financial situation.
  • ​Are in the dark about how your business is performing.
  • ​Are hustling, busier than ever, continually putting out fires.
    • Frown
      Are sick of shuffling cash from one bank account to another
    • Frown
      ​Are concerned about constantly rising debt and you have no plan to deal with it.
      • Frown
        Just want life to be a little bit easier. 

      No matter where you are in your online business journey you want your business to have a BIGGER impact.

      You want to use your talent and skill towards something that matters, not managing the mundane. You are READY to take your business to that next level, but you just don’t know how to make that a reality.

      You feel stuck.

      What Our Customers Say...


      I can’t believe how simple it is to manage my business, I am actually running my business with ease and can see everything at a glance when ever I need to. Now I enjoy it.

      Binnie Roberts



      It was great to be able to discuss my business and its needs, with someone who understands the challenge of running a small business, someone who was able to give good advice that ultimately has helped me to run my business better.

      Sandra Mackay
      DSM Services


      I feel as if Alex has walked the path I’m on. He knows the pain and the possibilities and is getting to know my business and me. It’s humanised accounting. I wasn’t sure that was even possible.

      Ray Stewart 
      Impact Balloons

      Our Purpose and Immutable Laws


      Our purpose is to guide business owner’s towards financial freedom and financial peace of mind. 

      Financial freedom isn’t just about making money. It is much, much more. Our mission it is to help business owners take control of the financial aspects of their business, where the business serves them, not the other way around. Where they 'choose' the life they want.

      Immutable Laws

      Immutable Laws are a blend of ethics, core values and self-assigned law, all wrapped up into one. They are the rules we have defined for ourselves, almost subconsciously, on what is right and what is wrong.

      Here are our immutable laws

      Positivity or Else 

      Positivity is a conscious choice. While things don’t always go the way we expect, we can always consciously choose to be positive. Positivity guides us to opportunities

      Honesty & Authenticity Rules

      All of our communication centres on being honest and authentic. We may say some things you may not want to hear, but they will be said with care and respect and a genuine belief that we have your best interests at heart.

      No Jerks Allowed

      We love our clients, they are great people. We don’t have jerks as clients and we don’t want them. Askholes also fit into this category. Life is too short.

      Flip The Turtles

      Someone struggling is like a turtle on its back. It is always our response to help put them back on their feet.

      Do The Right Thing

      This is the immutable law closest to our hearts. Do the right thing  - No matter what.

      Our Journey

      In a galaxy far, far away….No, really it all started for us in the mid 90’s working for Australia’s largest retailer at the time, Coles Myer. Retail has been a big part of our professional life ever since. With the internet changing the retail landscape forever, we wanted to be part of the phenomenon. 

      Thinking Cloud have been around a while (although Thinking Cloud is our 3rd round of re-branding - it’s a long story) since 2006.

      Traditionally, a large number of our clients are traditional “bricks & mortar” retailers. As some of these clients added an online presence to their business we were interested in the new challenges these businesses faced. We have always had a passion for technology and this has made eCommerce businesses a natural fit and progression for us. 

      With the growth of eCommerce over the years and the introduction of Amazon into Australia, we have jumped all in to help Amazon sellers worldwide manage their business.

      Our Team

      Tanja Woods

      Tanja loves connecting with people and learning about what they do. She loves to hear your story.

      Tanja is passionate about customer service and helping to de-stress business owners lives. She is helpful by nature and a great problem solver.  

      Before having 3 kids and several businesses, she had a career in Corporate Retail. Tanja is degree qualified, as well as being a Certified Profit First Professional and Xero Certified Advisor. Check out more here.

      Tanja is also an Amazon seller.

      She has recently discovered the joy of becoming mum to her boxer dog, Harvey. She loves sailing, pilates, yoga and coffee.

      Alex Woods

      Alex has always loved technology. He is the type of person who can always look at the big picture and spot ways to streamline and automate business processes. 

      Alex is degree qualified in accounting & computing with heaps of commercial experience in both areas. Alex is a Certified Profit First Professional, Xero Certified Advisor and a Registered BAS Agent. Check out more here.

      Alex loves hooning about on his Triumph motorcycle and sailing Tanja's 90 year old vintage yacht.

      If you would like to have a chat about anything accounting, cash flow or profit, please book a "virtual" coffee call using the button below.