Profit Focused Accounting for eCommerce Sellers.

Scalable, automated systems to help you create more time, reduce stress, and grow your business. 

What Do You Need Help With?

Get Started

I am a startup and want to get setup from the get-go with an accounting system that can grow as I do

Get Unstuck

I have been running a business for a while but the financials are a mess OR I just can't keep them up to date

Managing Cashflow & Profit

I am having trouble managing my cashflow and want to improve profitability

Get Started

We are sure you didn't go into business to spend your time dealing day in day out with the  endless stream of frustrations and issues which hijack what you really want to do. You just want to SELL MORE. Keeping your accounting up to date is one of those relentless nagging tasks that just doesn't go away. It keeps piling up.

Does this sound familiar? 

  • You are anxious, stressed, maybe a little embarrassed that your financial shit isn’t in order and you just keep putting it off.
  • You are super busy (not just normal busy), with a growing to-do list, but you will get to the financial stuff later. It's not even due yet, is it?
  • Your sales are starting to increase and the excel spreadsheet you were 'sort of' using is making life difficult, but you are not sure what you need.

Get started, the easy way. 

  • Get going with the basics. Implement some simple processes and systems. Make year-end bearable.
  • Get started with "modern state-of-the-art" Xero accounting software.  Setup from the get-go specifically tailored for your ecommerce businesses.
  • Get access to reports and learn more about the performance of your business.
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    Eliminate headaches with compliance. No more stress. 

Ray Stewart

Impact Balloons

I feel as if Alex has walked the path I’m on. He knows the pain and the possibilities and is getting to know my business and me. It’s humanised accounting. I wasn’t sure that was even possible.

Get Unstuck

So you have fudged together a few different tools into a labour intensive system to help you manage your growing business.  You are collecting information from all over the place and trying to squeeze it all into a spreadsheet and make sense of all the data. None of the tools 'talk' to each other. 

Is this you? 

  • You are hustling, busier than ever, continually putting out fires, but not making any headway. Surely, I don't have to double handle everything?
  • You are in the dark about how your business is performing. What's working, what's not. You just need clear, simple data to help you make better decisions. How hard can it be?
  • You are tracking all sorts of numbers, it takes heaps of effort. 
  • You are stressed

Less stress, more time. 
Develop systems, automate and scale.

Once you have got started with Xero & some simple processes and systems, it's time to...

  • Add time saving tools like A2X and Receipt Bank to further streamline and automate your business. 
  • Outsource the tedious compliance and non-value added services. Get on with sourcing and selling.
  • Get deeper into analysing your business. Know which "levers" can grow your business.
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    Feel secure knowing that help and support are not far away.

Sandra Mckay

DSM Services

It was great to be able to discuss my business and its needs, with someone who understands the challenge of running a small business, someone who was able to give good advice that ultimately has helped me to run my business better.

Profit, Cashflow, Growth and Paying Yourself

Your business is cranking, sales are up, everything looks sweet, BUT you aren't making any MORE money. Your accountant says you have made money but where has it all gone? You are starting to realise that "sales are vanity, profit is sanity and cash is reality" describes your business.

Ring any bells? 

  • You are thinking there might be a better way to manage your spending decisions rather than by relying on your daily bank balance. You are sick of shuffling cash from one account to another. There has to be an easier way.
  • No matter how much more you sell. Your spending increases at the same rate.
  • You are not paying yourself. Why the hell not?
  • Your debt is constantly rising and you have no plan to deal with it.
  • You have done a great job getting this far, but your business has stopped growing. You have plateaued. You realise, what has got you here may not get you to the next level. What's next?
  • You are struggling to pay bills on time.

Fix your cashflow, pay your profit. 

  • Leverage your natural behaviour to manage your cashflow.
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    Take your "Profit First" and get out of the "survival trap"
  • Smile
    Stop the money shuffle. Put an end to "finding" money to  pay for your next big order or taxes or ...
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    Implement Profit Focused strategies to grow your business.
  • Crush your debt. Forever. Make a plan to destroy your debt and stay debt free.
  • Manage your cashflow by using your bank balances the "right way"
  • Say goodbye to complicated, time consuming spreadsheets
  • No more guess work, just an easy proven system